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Vega Star

  • Vega Star distribution company is operating on the Ukrainian market for more than a year.
  • Key specialists of the company have 5 to 7 years of experience in the film distribution industry. The company is distributing films for movie theaters, for television, and on DVD.
  • During the last year the company has successfully released more than 20 films from the leading American and European studios, such as MGM, Europacorp, Pathe and others.

Business approaches

  • Individual approach for each project.
  • Determining potential of each project and focusing on maximizing income from each project.
  • Established working relations with all movie theaters.
  • Integrated support and promotion for all projects (movie theaters, TV, printed, internet and out-of-home advertising etc.).
  • Established cooperation with all the key mass media.

Presentations and special events

  • The company is organizing large-scale presentations and special events in the best movie theater of the country to promote each film. Movie and show business stars are invited, as well as representatives of key mass media, partners and opinion leaders.


  • The company is cooperating with the most important companies in the Home Video market to distribute projects. In particular, active cooperation is established with the market leader - Media Market company (Universal, Paramount - see Home Video market presentation).
  • Active sales of broadcast rights to leading Ukrainian TV channels.
  • With the purpose of maximizing the sales for each market, the company has developed the scheme of time periods between theatrical release, DVD release, and sales of broadcast rights for television.

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